Working with a Temporary Maritime Staffing Agency

Temporary work works very well to support many lifestyles. Perhaps you are working in temporary marine labor while you are searching for a more permanent position, or maybe temporary work is serving you well while you are making your way living in different areas of the country. Whatever your reasons are, working in temporary marine labor is a great opportunity.

The current U.S. economy has caused a shift in hiring practices. Employers are looking to hire temporary marine labor when they need it most and doing away with permanent employees who don’t add consistent value to their operations. By taking advantage of these trends, you can work with a marine staffing agency that will send you to jobs that require your skills as a craftsman. These jobs could lead to permanent positions and will always add value to your resume.

How Does Temporary Work Look on My Resume?

Contrary to what some people think, listing temporary work on your resume is in no way seen as a flaw. It is actually viewed as a benefit by many employers who see this as a sign of someone wanting to stray from having gaps in their employment history and shows that you are always putting yourself out there and ready to work. It shows you are dependable and reliable.

Finding Temporary Maritime Labor Work

You can find temporary maritime work by applying to a maritime staffing agency. They will screen you for skill level, experience, and any certifications you may hold and place you to any jobs that fit your profile. Your official employer will be the staffing agency, not the company you are temporarily working for.

Temporary marine staffing agencies offer benefits to their employees and in some cases, paid vacations. Ask about these details and try to get the benefits that suit you most. MK Industries is always looking for skilled maritime laborers. You can apply for temporary maritime work through our website and get matched with a job in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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