How we Train Staff for Maritime Jobs

Many people in the world don’t realize how much the maritime industry really provides for them. When it comes down to the commercial, recreation, construction, and military industry, all of these are supported by maritime services. Without the proper maritime jobs that build these vessels, we would not be able to deliver any of our country’s essential needs. Take a look below to see how our labor force develops the ships that everyone depends on, and what makes them each so special.


Bread and Butter of Function

One of the primary modes of international transit is maritime transportation. From food to products to military supplies, most of these items require a ship that has been built for proper delivery. We staff many essential maritime jobs, such as machine operators, crew, welders, grinders, medical engineers, and so much more. Each of these men and women are picked for the proper mastery of the job, and are each recruited to be team players in a well-oiled machine (literally).


Different Ships, Different Crew

Various kinds of ships require varying kinds of staff. However we understand that this philosophy is more than just in terms of technical construction. We train each of our staff workers to adapt to the various values and ways of thinking that each vessel believes in. A cruise liner has different staff values than a cargo vessel. They have many things in common, but just as no person is the same, we realize no company is the same either. We appreciate this reality, and therefore work to have each of our staff members be respectable to your standards and practices.


Just as you hold a standard for working on your vessel, we hold a standard for who we hire to be your crewmen. No matter what maritime jobs you are staffing for, MKPro offers both the skills and workmanship you are looking for.

For a list of our available jobs to apply for, see our jobs search page here.

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